Sound artist Alejandro Van Zandt Escobar and filmmaker Joseph Paris spearhead collaborative ventures in experimental cinema, fashion, and documentary realms.


492 is a convulsive and undulating montage of 492 shots filmed in five different cities, supported by an evocative and penetrating soundtrack. This short film brings together distant places and times by weaving encounters and discordances within its sonic and visual frameworks, working with continuity and counterpoint to draw nearer what is distant in space.

J’ai retrouvé Athènes

TOPOLOGIES - Contes d'Athènes is a collection of poetry written by Joanna Dunis and published by Le Castor Astral (2023). Here, the author's voice and text meet Joseph Paris's images of Athens and Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar's sound design.

Lanvin SS20

A dive into Lanvin's mesmerizing Summer 2020 collection photoshoot, on location at Pailleron sports area in Paris.

Lanvin backstage

A peek behind the scenes into the whirlwind of creativity and glamour of Lanvin's Summer 2020 fashion show.


As part of their ongoing collaborative practice, Joseph Paris and Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar produce experimental reels to explore ways of dialoguing between sound and image.

Joseph Paris is an innovative filmmaker, pushing the boundaries of experimental expression in the realms of documentaries and video-art.

Alejandro Van Zandt Escobar is a sound designer and sound artist with a background in improvised and experimental music.